Choir missing!

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May 4, 2011 Great excitement at the Opening Concert of The American International Choir Festival 2011 in Reno! Five choirs were expected to perform on stage, but one of them was missing. The “Young Voices of the Adventist University” from Philippines appeared neither for the stage rehearsal and nor they were present at the concert’s beginning.

Nobody knew if and when they would come. The rows reserved for them remained empty and the other choirs spontaneously extended their stage program to substitute the missing choir.

The first half of the evening was already over, the “Prime Note Ensemble” from Saudi-Arabia was currently performing on stage, when they suddenly appeared, wearing their choir dresses, ready to sing and, on top of this, just in the right moment! As it was planned for the original schedule they were expected to perform directly following the “Prime Note Ensemble”. And they just did it:

A few minutes after their arrival with a motor coach they went on stage and sang: “Don’t stop believing”, the famous song from “Glee” – it was like a message to everybody who didn’t believe in their arrival anymore. The audience was delighted by this performance and the “Young Voices of the Adventist University” got what they deserved: Standing Ovations!

By the way, see pictures of all choirs’ performances in the Opening Ceremony here.


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  1. Matthias says:

    Hey! Glad they finally made it! Congrats to everybody involved to get them through the visa process!!!

  2. yeka says:

    They won?? Glad that they use their angel voices to praise God!!

  3. hen says:

    The results of the competition will be announced on Saturday evening after the Grand Prix Competition. They will be published on the Blog and our Social Media Platforms, watch out for it!

  4. Hope says:

    I heard this Young Voices from the AUP ( Adventist University of the Philippines ) and they are really great. Very clear words and nice blend. They sound like angels. Keep up the good works and good luck. Awaiting for the final event!!! Good luck to all the contestants!!!!

  5. Dheng says:

    Congratulation to AUP YV for bagging 2 Gold Medals!

    god bless you all!

  6. Ryan says:

    Pretty awesome that the “Young Voices” was able to get 2 gold awards, But their folk category didn’t get counted…If that got counted I’m sure they would win the Choral Festival 2011 Grand Prix…. too bad though…

  7. the pogi man says:

    WEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACTUALLY WE ARE DELAYED IN THE BUS FOR 2 TO 3 HOURS BECOZ OF SOME PROBLEMS……………………………………………….btw im in the yv the *HANDSOME GUY* IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FORMATION we all did have fun thx for the american international choir festival

  8. im your best friend (nelle) says:

    hahaha missing daw nasa us lng naman sila hehehehehehehehehehe

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