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FilmHarmonieAuthor: Adrian Ruckhofer (CHOIR REPORTER), Singakademie Graz, Austria
Translated from German to English

Another highlight of the choral year of Singakademie Graz happened last Friday. In stadthalle|graz the show “Filmhamony” was taking place under the direction of Gábor Hollerung. We remembered Mr Hollerung fondly, as we also had the chance to perform a great, inspiring concert under his baton in Shaoxing last year. For that reason we were really looking forward to this event!

Also this year rehearsals were fun. The singers became friends at the first meeting already. When we gathered by voices, the boys of the South African choir “Pro Cantu Youth Choir” welcomed me very friendly and asked for my home and my name. During the breaks we were talking about many experiences we made, about our trips, competitions and about music in particular.

The next day has shown how much our friendship had developed in spite of the short time. I was in delay for the rehearsal due to a competition. When I finally arrived, my South African tenor colleagues had already reserved some space for me and called me from far away: “Adrian, here, come, come!” By all means, we wanted to stand side by side to enjoy this joint performance.

I even shared the sheet music with one of the South African boys! I have rarely experienced such a cordiality and warmth. In this informal atmosphere full of harmony we were able to sing all hits much better. In addition, my friends from the South are having such a feeling for rhythm and such a charisma that I loved to be infected by them.

After the concert we exchanged our names and e-mail addresses to keep in touch in future. I was even invited to travel to Cape town with my choir to sing a joint concert with them. This would be a dream!!!

Now I want to talk about the concert itself: at the risk of reiterating there’s only one expression: phenomenal!!!! Being on stage in front of the cheering audience in stadthalle|graz, which was almost filled to capacity, singing one soundtrack after the other together with distinguished choirs and the Hungarian Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok, was simply outstanding!

It was an impressing experience to have the oversized screen behind us showing Mozart, the genius, Bruce Willis, the hero (“Die heard”), the legendary Charles Bronson (“Once upon a time in the west”), the enchanting Kate Winslet and her beau Leonardo di Caprio (“Titanic”) as well as the funny Shrek (and many others). However, it’s very special to even sing that music, which is known all around the world. When the great Gérard Depardieu put his foot on a new island, accompanied by imposing sounds (“1492″) and when finally “Tears of the sun” and the bombastic music of “Pirates of the Caribbean” were sounding, I had an impressive feeling again. I can hardly describe the feeling of being part of such a fulminant concert and to entertain the audience in this great way! The evening offered a flood of sensory stimuli, especially for eye and ear! Compliments on the techniques!

The concert concluded with Tom & Jerry and the barber Charlie Chaplin. Both caused hilarious moments with the audience, which gave an endless round of applause.

Dear friends from “Pro Cantu Youth Choir”, maybe our dream of a joint concert will come true one day!? If not in Cape Town, maybe at one of the upcoming INTERKULTUR events. We’ll keep in touch!!!!

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