Silver Medal for Singschul’ der Grazer Oper

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Author: Julia Fleck (CHOIR REPORTER), Singschul’ der Grazer Oper, Austria
Translated from German to English

Being a choir from Graz we did not have to go on a long journey and thus our excitement was accordingly lower than with other choirs. But when we noticed all those young people from most different cultures we started to realize that this really was a great spectacle.

Everybody’s excitement rose on the day of competition, and now I was wondering if we even had a chance against the other international competitors. Early in the morning we met at graz|congress for a stage rehearsal, where it was easy to get lost in the turmoil.

Afterwards our choir conductor Andrea Fournier practised our pieces once again, of course, and, if needed, she cleared up any confusion. Even if we’ve been well-prepared and knew our pieces inside out, the excitement rose just before the important performance. At 3 p.m. the time had come to gather in front of “Saal Steiermark” and to wait for the moment to perform our pieces. We’ve been very concentrated and we made our performance without problems. In the evening we learned the successful result: We’ve made it, we are in the final!

The next day we had to cope with the next important performance, the fight for a medal. This time we performed in Stefaniensaal and we presented the first pieces to audience and jury as rehearsed. But when we sang the last piece of our program, suddenly a mobile phone started to ring. Apparently the owner didn’t manage to find it or just to turn it off, since we heard it sounding through the hall for quite a long time. Of course, we had not been prepared for something like this and every individual in our choir tried to ignore the pesky ring tone, but of course not all of us were able to maintain their concentration and thus it happened that one of the bass voices had the wrong tone. So we left the premises of graz|congress upset and angrily.

The next day the Prize giving ceremony took place, however, we didn’t leave it empty-handed. Although we did not receive gold, we’ve been very happy about a well-deserved silver medal.

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