Phoenix Girls Chorus gives impromptu concert in downtown Vienna

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Phoenix Girls Chorus in ViennaPhoenix Girls Choir Tour, Day 4 in Vienna, Austria. Since the girls and chaperons are always on the run, Incantato Tours’ Jr. Tour Manager, Crista Hartenstein reports:

“It started like a regular lunch: in a typical Viennese restaurant, making sure the girls would be well fed for the busy afternoon ahead. Everything was prepared, the girls indulged on their first real Wiener Schnitzel with ice cream for dessert. As I went up to pay, I ran into the manager of the restaurant and he inquired if everything went as we had hoped. I confirmed and ensured him how lovely it was, especially the fact that the food came so quickly since the girls were starving. “Girls?” he said with a smile: “No one told me the downstairs part of my restaurant was full of girls!” The restaurant manager immediately followed me downstairs to personally say hello, an opportunity with choir director Danya Tiller did not miss to offer a small musical contribution for him, which the girls performed beautifully. The restaurant owner was so excited he got chills up and down his arms and was so thankful to have heard such beautiful music.

When I then returned upstairs with two chaperones to pay for the extras such as additional soft drinks, the owner came back out and said: “Oh, no need to pay for that, that goes on the house! If only the girls would sing one more song for me and my staff!” It was so nice of him to wave those extra costs that naturally the girls were immediately gathered in the pedestrian zone of downtown Vienna, right in front of the Wienerwald restaurant, to serenade the guests, waiters, kitchen staff, restaurant owner and anyone who happened to pass by.

It was such a special moment to share songs with all those people and the girls were thanked with a big round of applause.

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