“Eight Seconds” Chorus reached the top in Eight Years

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In the Seventh World Choir Games held in Cincinnati USA., the “Eight Seconds” Mixed Chorus of Hanzhou University from China, won its first-ever championship in the World Choir Games. This is the fourth appearance of the “Eight Seconds” Chorus in the World Choir Games Competitions. Eight years of hard work pays off. Congratulations to Conductor Baolin Yan and the young singers from China!

In this WCG, the “Eight Seconds” Chorus made history by achieving three gold medals in the champions competitions, which included the champion in Category 6: Mixed Youth Choirs, number 2 gold medal in Category 10: Female Choirs, and number 2 Gold medal in Category 21: Folklore. Consisting of 70 students from Hanzhou Normal University, the “Eight Seconds” Chorus has been known for its high quality of voices, unique musical styles, and disciplined systematic training. The choir uses a wide variety of stage arrangements to augment and express the message and spirit of the songs. Amazingly, in every performance, the singers can make the stage rearrangement between two songs within 8 seconds. Many times the audience counts out the seconds as the choir rearranges itself. The name “Eight Seconds” symbolizes a spirit of the choir: “Efficiency and Mastery”. In recent years, the “Eight Seconds” has earned a reputation as “diversified in singing and stylish in performing”.

Conductor Baolin Yan is a renowned Chinese choral conductor and a professor at the Conservatory of Music of Hanzhou Normal University. As the founder of the “Eight Seconds”, established in 2009, he is loved by the choir members and is called by them “Father Yan”. Through the strict training and directing by Professor Yan and strong support from Hanzhou Normal University, the “Eight Seconds” has given many successful performances in China and has become a rising star in the music community of China and in the world. They have received many awards in the international, national, and regional choir competitions. In the sixth World Choir Games held in China two years ago, the “Eight Seconds” received two gold medals and one silver medal.

This time, “Eight Seconds” was awarded three gold medals, including one championship. The journey to Cincinnati of the United States in July 2012 marks the chorus’ first competition outside of China. The singers have done a wonderful job!

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