Heartchor Kaiserslautern is heading to spain. No way!?

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Heart Chor, Deutschland

By Melanie Wiescher (CHOIR REPORTER), Heart Chor, Germany
Translated from German to English

At the beginning of August our conductor Andy Dodt asked, if we were able to have three days of vacation to participate in an international choral festival. Actually fewest of us expected to be able to create a viable and singable choir on the quick.

But…: After begging with some bosses, taking remaining leaves, and reorganizing children, spouses and appointment issues, most of the members made it to keep some time open. We’re going to Spain! More precisely to Calella at the Costa Brava. And it’s already starting in the middle of October!

So, you must finish what you start.
Now it was getting a little hectic. Discussions on the choice of the songs broke out, choreographies were adjusted, special rehearsals were scheduled, question upon question to be answered. Will we sing without music sheets and how are we going to be dressed? What shall we do to make the trip going well?

September 27
Two weeks before departure there’s a mixture of joy, travel nerves and anxiety for the competitors. It’s also exciting to be working on well-known songs from a completely new point of view. They were picked to pieces. And Andy Dodt calls our singing techniques in a question more than once (“Why do you breathe there?”).

Nevertheless, we’re mainly looking forward to three days of “vacation” and hopefully better weather than in Germany. Anticipation for a feeling of “Olympic Village”, when so many nations are gathering; and, of course, we’re looking forward to five days of pure music and singing!

October 9
The last week before we’re heading to Spain has started and Heartchor is rehearsing hardcore!

Symptoms of deficiency appear. Some of the singers even cancelled at all. One of our sopranist’s toe hopefully won’t get off (grave ignition, ah!).

Spending many hours in a confined space leave marks (“It smells like somebody died in here!”). Increasing lacks of oxygen cause comments like, “Hey there, is your h(air) reduced as well?” From time to time a valve has to be opened; otherwise we would burst for pent-up tension. Sometimes it ends embarrassing, when people are practicing their choreography in front of a big mirror to become more synchronal (“He, I’m always doing it in this way”). The result is a giggling bunch that newly interprets the choreography in singing breaks, tries to turn the text into a scene and collapses with laughter. Concentration is really laying on the floor then. Let’s see how many victims will still be claimed in the coming days.

October 13
“Gosh, folks, that was amazing! We’ve never sung this song like that before! Wow!” Wait, isn’t it dress rehearsal today? It should have been a complete flop, correct? Will it cause bad karma now? What do logics say? Will it mean by implication that a perfect dress rehearsal will cause a horrible performance? Question upon question once again. We simply decide that the performance is going to be still better and then we can say: “Wow, we never sung this song like that before! Amazing!”

We say good bye entering into many agreements on carpooling, distribution of luggage and city tours to Barcelona, and hoping to see each other again at the airport on Wednesday.


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