October 16: The day before departure!

Oct 17th, 2012 | By | Category: Choir Events, Personal Reports

By Melanie Wiescher (CHOIR REPORTER), Heart Chor, Germany

Today I can only speak for myself, but I’m sure there are similar conditions in each house. It’s spreading around! The nasty packing panic!

There’s a real beaten track between my bedroom and the kitchen. I’m always running back and forth to weight my hand luggage in individual shares with my kitchen scales. Whew, just four kilo so far! It can still be a little more of all. Did anyone ever recognize that almost every t shirt weights 150 gram?

Also, as I’m running and running anyway, I drop by the computer once per hour to check the weather forecast for Calella. Things could have changed and the swim suit has to stay at home and the wooly hat has to be in.

Running is musically accompanied by our songs for Calella. Thus I hope to fill in the blanks of text while walking around. In between a glimpse in the scores (“Why does it sound that strange? Ah, it’s an A, not a G!”).

Now I know what The Police did before they had the text of “the DO DO DO the DA DA DA” in mind. They packed their bags!

By tomorrow the chaos in the head has to be well organized, the bags to be packed and the blanks to be filled. I’m in best spirits!


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