Also a fourth is a winner

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Junior and Fair Play Sportsmen 2012 (Photo: Sporthilfe/Naß)

Do you know Shanice Craft? No? I’m sure that will change in the coming years. The 19-year-old has recently become familiar to me. She impressed me as athlete and as a person and was recently named “Junior Sportswoman of the Year 2012″. The young women from Mannheim is an exceptional talent. At the U20 World Championships 2012 in Barcelona, she won the title in the shot put and Vice Championships in discusthrow.

With 94 points out of 100, she was selected a number one by a jury chaired by the President of the German Olympic Sports Federation (DSB), Thomas Bach. The most important newcomer award in the German sports was presented during the “Festival of encounter” (Fest der Begegnung) of the German Sports Aid Foundation in Bonn.

As a curator, I support the charitable foundation, enabling young people to participate in the Games since years. Basically I cannot see any difference between the Olympic Games for athletes, including the disabled athletes, and the choral competitions inspired by the Olympic ideal, our World Choir Games. The idea of the perfection of human endeavor in the peaceful and fair competition is a great achievement of mankind. I am totally fascinated ever since.

During the ceremony in Bonn, Werner E. Klatten, the chairman of the German Sports Aid Foundation owned up to the passion as the central motivation for the Olympics. The passion for singing and interacting with others is incidentally the soul of choral singing. Klatten has added: “In Germany, only gold is recognized, but that is not the life performance of the athletes.” He further put his focus on the media and thus a public wish to be constantly fed with superlatives and sensations. The former very successful athlete Steffi Nerius expressed her view to a common dominator. “Even fourth are winners!”

Equally as a corrective to the one-dimensional thinking, but “gold” can apply to anything, the German Sports Aid Foundation drew a special attention to junior athletes, who have behaved extremely fair in competition. Passion and fairness – this is the spirit of the Olympic competition, no matter in which sphere. Participation is the ultimate and the highest honor since the revival of the Games by Pierre Baron de Coubertin in modern era.
And there is one more thing: I welcome new approaches of the Sports Aid Foundation in securing professional existence beyond the athletics’ career.

With the World Choir Games and our regional competitions we ideally are pursuing this basic idea for a long time. To sing in the choir, in the community promotes social competence of each individual. Team spirit is the modern corporate identity of culture and a basic requirement for anyone who wants to be successful and competetive in the global world. Participate with passion, to be fair, despite the toughest competition. How modern the Olympic idea is!


President - Günter Titsch


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