Why everybody should sing along

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As the activity of INTERKULTUR proves, I’ve always been convinced that singing brings people together and makes it possible to find new friends all over the world. And it’s not true that some people can’t sing: Everyone can sing and you don’t need to be a professional singer or to have studied music at the university to be able to sing in a choir! It’s enough to have an open mind and to feel part of a community.

My opinion is always confirmed during choir events. Last Sunday the Sing Along Concert of the Berlin Radio Choir with conductor Simon Halsey took place in the Berlin Philharmonie. 1.300 non-professional singers joined it and performed together Händel’s “Messias” in the German version by Mozart. The result was great!
And I don’t mean only under the musical point of view, but also under the human one: the Sing Along Concert is a real bridge which unites the world of professional choirs with the one of the non-professionals on the one hand; on the other hand it makes it possible for people from the whole world, with different cultures, languages and from different social classes to meet and enrich each other. All of them share the love of music. The participants brought home for sure the fascinating feeling of singing together and many new contacts worldwide!

I find this idea excellent! It perfectly reflects my conviction that choral music creates peace and is intercultural, and the philosophy INTERKULTUR is based on. It’s fantastic that the INTERKULTUR team will join the 2014 Sing Along Concert of the Berlin Radio Choir in Budapest. Mozart’s “Requiem” is another exciting work which will bring together the friends of music from the whole world. I’m looking forward to it!


President - Günter Titsch


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