Off to weekend!

Feb 1st, 2013 | By | Category: Choir Events, Featured Articles, Top Post – Create the world of voices

Friday. Convenient time to get some video highlights off to you for the weekend: A click on is always worth, here you find some useful tips for life: a stylish way to quit your job, for example, or how to jazz moldy Christmas songs up again.

In case you’d like to do something crazy without being recognized, just copy this choir.

And would you have thought that there are actually people who prefer to sing along with themselves than in a real choir? See here and here and here and here – isn’t it a nice way of keeping yourself busy at the weekend?

To conclude, a classic: The choral version of Toto’s “Africa”, for a start in Perpetuum Jazzile’s version and then the original by Kearsney College Choir. Imitate it, by all means!

So, enjoy your weekend, watch, upload your own videos and show us what you spend your time with. We’re curious!


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