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Peace and friendship among people from all over the world and with a different philosophy of life are my biggest hope.

Unfortunately we constantly realize nowadays that one of the most frequent reasons because of which wars are waged or people are discriminated is the religious difference. I am very disappointed for that because the faith is part of every person’s culture and sensitivity and should be respected. On the contrary, I think that this difference should contribute to a peaceful dialogue and an enriching exchange.

That’s why the International Interreligious Conference in Graz from July 17 to 20, 2013 meets with my deep approval. Its focus is exactly the “peaceful coexistence of the different faith communities in Europe”. And I am really glad that also INTERKULTUR is involved in this good cause through the choral music. And it takes another step forward: friendship and understanding among the different religions are not only supported within Europe, but also worldwide!

From July 14 to 21, 2013 the 1st European Choir Games will take place in Graz as well. This is already a big event which attracts and unites people from Europe and from the whole world. During this competition and according to the ideas of the International Interreligious Conference, we have organized a further festival – the “Songs of Spirit” Festival. As usual with INTERKULTUR, this choir festival is open to participants of every religion and every nation. Rehearsing and performing together Giuseppe Verdi’s masterly “Requiem” will show once again that through singing along all the prejudices are overcome and not only an international, but also an interreligious friendship is possible.

I wish all the people in every country of the world that this message comes true in their everyday life!


President - Günter Titsch


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