It begins in Linz…

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By Constanze Grininger (INTERKULTUR Austria)

It begins in Linz…we say in Austria about the capital of Upper Austria. What exactly begins in Linz is not known, but isn’t it all the more nice and interesting, if everyone can choose it on their own?

In 2013 this slogan is absolutely true for me: The 4th International Anton Bruckner Choir Competition is the first competition I organize this year (of course, with the help of my lovely colleagues)!

So my first business trip this year led me to Linz at the beginning of January – a meeting in Brucknerhaus had been set. There’s so much to organize until the end of May and the Brucknerhaus is in the focus of interest, since the competitions and the festival choir concert will be held here and also the festival office will be located in here.

The acoustic of the two concert halls in Brucknerhaus is great, just like its location: Similar to a shell it opens right to the Danube River. Through its panorama windows you can enjoy an amazing view to the other shore of Danube.

A less than 10 minutes’ walk leads you from Brucknerhaus to the main square in Linz. Starting there you can just go ahead: in one of countless friendly cafés in town or for a stroll in the Landstraße, the main shopping street in Linz. This is where I found myself after my meetings, as there was still some time left until my train’s departure. It was pretty cold, some snow in the air, but anyway, it was beautiful. “And in May,” I thought by myself, “it will be much more beautiful! Warm, bright, the air full of singing of the choirs who come to the Bruckner competition…yes, it begins in Linz!”

I would be happy if this slogan will become true for many choirs! “It begins in Linz” … but what? Maybe the most beautiful choir trip in your life, the most beautiful meetings with other choirs, new friendships across country borders and language barriers, your road to victory… Wouldn’t it be nice, if all of this could begin during the Bruckner competition?


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