Hoi An: A little tidbit at the coast of Vietnam

Feb 21st, 2013 | By | Category: Choir Events, Featured Articles, Top Post, Vietnam International Choir Competition

Photo: INTERKULTUR Archive

(lala) In addition to its many attractions the city of Hoi An, located at the South China Sea offers much more: Now it’s getting tasty!

In Vietnam, food has always played an important role – especially in Hoi An.

The city is home to a variety of traditional restaurants that make hearts leap for joy. Beginning with the spring roll, followed by the pho (the traditional noodle soup) and the banana flower salad – it leaves nothing to be desired. Of course, as Hoi An is close to the sea many fish dishes and seafood can be enjoyed, too.

And those who cannot get enough of the Vietnamese cuisine can pick up the wooden spoon themselves and visit one of the many culinary schools in Hoi An. Worth a visit is the Red Bridge Cooking School which is famous for going to the colorful food market in every cookery session.

Is your mouth already watering? Then you should sign up by February 28 for the 3rd Vietnam Int. Choir Competition – Hoi An 2013 and experience “delicious” Vietnam first hand.



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