Discovering new worlds through music

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With INTERKULTUR I wanted to conquer the world peacefully. In several countries we have been present with our events for many years, for example in Hungary, China, Italy and Austria. But we want to overcome further borders and make the most of choral music in all possible countries of the world.

This year we are in Poland for the first time in the history of INTERKULTUR. From September 11 to 15 we organize the 1st International Copernicus Choir Festival & Competition in Toruń, in cooperation with the renowned choir Astrolabium, under the motto “PER MUSICAM AD ASTRA” (through music to the stars). We have chosen Toruń as a location for our event because this medieval town on the Vistula, since 1997 UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers numerous wonderful sceneries for concerts and performances: the Northern German Gothic buildings made of bricks, the Old Town Hall, the Artus Court, the beautiful churches… I am sure that you will like Toruń and you will find it inspiring! I’m looking forward to the magical atmosphere of the combination of excellent choral music and these enchanting places!

Anyway we didn’t want to combine music only with the beauty of the architecture, but also with the fascination of science. The event is called “Copernicus”: this is the name of the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) who was born and christened in Toruń and spent his childhood there. With his researches in astronomy he transcended borders, he proved that the Earth moves around the sun and not the contrary. At that time, this was a huge (and controversial) progress for science. In this way, Copernicus dared to open new horizons. And that’s what we are doing with our choir competitions as well! What could express this idea better and connect us with this epoch-making astronomer more than the motto of our Polish event “PER MUSICAM AD ASTRA” – through music to the stars?

I wish all the choristers to discover new worlds through music!


President - Günter Titsch

President Günter Titsch


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