WCG Insight: We sing with you in Riga!

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Jelena (l.) and Constanze (r.) want to sing with YOU in Riga (Photo: INTERKULTUR)

A visit in Germany! Last week Constanze even came from Austria and some of the Latvian partners also arrived to forward the planning of the World Choir Games 2014. We’re still at the beginnings of all, but that’s why it’s so exciting. What is going to result from the vague imagination we’re having right now?

We were talking about many things: Competitions, venues, workshops, Social Media and Website, Visa etc. We even had a look at the first drafts of medals and trophies. Also we learned first details about the countdown event – it’s going to take place in July, one year before the 8th World Choir Games start. We will tell you more about it in good times, but be a little bit patient now.

There’s just one thing pretty sure so far: We want to sing with YOU in Riga! And as we wanted to really show it, we did some handicrafts and created this photo gallery, just for you.

And now it’s your turn!

You can find the speech bubbles here for download. Or you can do your own handicraft or you do a little bit of photoshopping and add the bubble directly to a funny digital file you already have. Post your picture to our World Choir Games Facebook Page and show us that you want to sing with us in Riga. We’re looking forward to it!

Constanze & Jelena

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