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Mar 13th, 2013 | By | Category: Choir Events, Featured Articles, Top Post

Photo: Peter Purgar

(lala) Many treasures can be found on on a free evening:

The a cappella group “Doo Wop Shop” (USA) is particularly well skilled at musically rearranging the most beautiful Disney songs, and in their performances they even bring them to life in a really entertaining manner. Beginning with “Circle of Life” from The Lion King and followed by “Kiss the Girl” from the movie The Little Mermaid – it’s all there.

For those of you who prefer more modern music, the “Doo Wop Shop” also has a very special medley in stock: “Bad Romance” vs. “Viva la Vida”. Did you expect that Lady Gaga and Coldplay can be connected that easily? Give it a listen, you will be thrilled!

And if you don’t have a choir at hand you can, thanks to computer technology, create one on your own. Matthias Harris shows how it works in a very impressive way.

Still not to your liking? Well, then have a look at, find your own favorites, or upload them easily by yourself!


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