He’s not a singer, but a winner!

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Werner Malderle (l.) und Günter Fürntratt (r.) (Photo: Singakademie Graz)

Do you remember? In December we called you to nominate people or institutions for the “Spirit of Cincinnati Award”. The “Singakademie Graz” from Austria to comply with the call and suggested their “favorite volunteer” Werner Malderle. Weeks passed, and suddenly the notice from the USA arrived: It came off! Mr. Malderle had been selected and was honored with a “Spirit of Cincinnati Award”. Congratulations!

“Mr Malderle brought us outstanding experiences,” explains Günter Fürntratt, husband of the choral conductor and constant companion on each choral journey. “He organized an excursion to the largest zoo crocodile, took us on a duck boat tour, he went shopping with the choir girls – for that reason alone he deserved an award – ,he watched enthusiastically each of our performances and he even bargained a discount wherever we’ve been, we paid the regular prize not even once.”

The singers of Singakademie Graz loved their volunteer Werner Malderle, or rather him and his outstanding commitment. There’s only one drop of bitterness to remain, Fürntratt adds: “He never sung a tone, never, as much as our singers even tried to induce him to do so!”

Well, so there’s one thing we have learned from Mr Malderle: At the World Choir Games even those can win who don’t sing!

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