Kamerkoris Amadeus invites YOU

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Kamerkoris Amadeus, Latvia (Photo: Studi43)

Kamerkoris Amadeus from Riga in Latvia has been a regular participant in INTERKULTUR competitions since a couple of years. The announcement that the World Choir Games 2014 will be held in their home country was reason enough to extend a sung invitation to all choirs. They chose the Latvian folk song “Riga dimd”, which can be translated with something like “Riga resounds” and means that Riga literally brims with joy.

This is how it’s going to be like in summer 2014 when choirs from all over the world are meeting here. “Latvians cannot live without singing at all,” explains Inga Dziluma, conductor of Kamerkoris Amadeus.

The tower clock of St. Peter’s church in Riga actually plays the melody of “Rīga dimd” four times a day and Riga resounds! Even more it will during the World Choir Games when everyone will sing along, after all “Rīga dimd” is considered to be the unofficial hymn of the city.

“Come and join the World Choir Games 2014. Let’s sing together in Riga!”

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