Choral competition in Budapest: Wrap up warmly!

Mar 25th, 2013 | By | Category: Choir Events, Featured Articles, Int. Choir Competition & Festival Budapest, Top Post

In Europe we’re very much complaining of the unseasonal cold in these days. Also in Budapest we have sub-zero temperatures and there’s a freezing wind. However, there are some people at the 14th Int. Choir Competition and Festival Budapest who don’t care about that at all: Participants from Indonesia and Israel are really happy and hope to see the first snow of their lives here. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for a couple of white days in the end of March for once.

Now the choral event in Budapest is already running. First stage rehearsals happened on Sunday afternoon in the brandnew Budapest Music Center. The building had been officially opened only on Saturday in the presence of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The INTERKULTUR staff members even had to leave their office for a while, because securities had to check the whole building due to his visit.

Thus our choral competition is the first event being held in the new music center. Yesterday it had officially been opened with the grand opening concert, competitions are starting this afternoon.

Apart from that there’s a big open air concert taking place later in the heart of Budapest. Happy singing to everybody and don’t forget caps and gloves!


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