Coro Fantastico: Vokalna Skupina „in spiritu“

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Coro_fantastico_In_Spiritu „Coro fantastico“ stands for fantastic stories about your choir. In 2012 we visited the INTERKULTUR choir competitions and festivals and captured the most beautiful impressions in countless exciting pictures for you.

In the course of the video series „Coro fantastico“ we will show you during the next weeks entertaining and enjoyable reviews of international choir competitions and festivals in 2012. Maybe your choir is also already part of it?

Vokalna Skupina „in spiritu“
Conductor: Bernada Preložnik Kink

We met the likeable male choir “Vokalna Skupina” in spiritu” in at the Concorso Corale Internazionale 2012 in Riva del Garda, right after their competition performance in the “Musica Sacra a cappella” category in the Church Santa Maria Assunta. Their conductor, Bernada Preložnik Kink was still excited when she tried to describe her emotions. And even if her male choir from Vojnik (Slovenia) is quite small, its ideas are great. In order to support Bernada standing alone in front of the camera, they spontaneously sang in the background quietly a Slovenian love song. Not only we liked that but also all the passers-by who gave an impromptu big hand to them.

The singers of Vokalna Skupina “in spiritu” wanted to know it all and took the opportunity to talk with the present jury members on the last day. The Concorso Corale Internazionale offers this special chance to participating choirs. At a personal meeting with the jury members after the competitions they learn about their achievements and can discuss possibilities to improve their skills. The charming choir from Slovenia set an example and show that these meetings often end in hilarious conversations between the jury and the singers.


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