Billie on her way to the European Choir Games

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Photo: Billie Hylton

Photo: Billie Hylton

Hello everyone

My name is Billie and I am 19 and I live in London. I finished school last July and I am starting university in September to do a degree in Music.

I have been singing in choirs myself in Britain since the age of four, and although I have sung large amounts of music and been abroad to sing, I know very little about the current choirs and singing traditions in other countries. I have been awarded a Peter Kirk Travel Scholarship, meaning I get £2000 to travel in Europe for two months, researching something of my choice and then writing a report. The title of my project is “Choral singing: comparative traditions in three European countries and the impact of amateur choirs on the countries’ social and cultural life”. It is a subject which is difficult to research without actually travelling and meeting the singers, which I believe makes it a worthwhile use of the scholarship.

My project will culminate in Graz, attending the 1st European Choir Games organised by INTERKULTUR. Here I will be able to observe lots of choirs from all over the continent. And in the six weeks preceding the festival I will be visiting two choirs in their home towns to see how they work and see the impact of the singing in their everyday lives. I am visiting the Defrost Youth Choir in Norway and Singfoniker in f in Austria, and have also been in touch with a few other choirs who I will spend time with in Graz.

I am really looking forward to my research and my travels, and excited to be writing for the INTERKULTUR blog. I am leaving London in three days so look out for updates!

Billie Hylton

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