WCG Insight: Latvia – the singing nation

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Yesterday we told you about the Grand Dance Performance at the Latvian Song & Dance Celebration: More than 14 000 dancers in the stadium showed a wonderful choreographie, it was simply amazing! However, the concert that we watched yesterday has even topped the first one. We were in Mezaparks, the venue that will also host an Open Air event on July 13, 2014 with World Choir Games participants.

Mezaparks was crowded yesterday evening. It seemed like whole Latvia was there to watch and listen to the concert. So Mezaparks which has space for 25 000 spectators was completely sold out. We were lucky to be among the visitors and it was awesome! We’ve never seen such a big choir before, it consisted of around 11 000 singers coming from the whole country. We enjoyed every minute, even if it took really long, actually roughly 6 hours (!). “But this is the Latvian way to celebrate song,” told us Romāns Vanags, our Artistic Director in Latvia for the World Choir Games 2014. He was also part of yesterday’s concert and conducted the 11 000 singers, among others when singing “Saule,Pērkons,Daugava”, a Latvian song that will also play a big role during our event next year.

Now we’re on our way back to Germany, full of emotions, great impressions and now we even more looking for next year!

Jelena & Henriette


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