Concert tip: Time of the Wolf

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Photo: Philomela

Photo: Philomela

Tomorrow we’ll have the Long Night of Choirs here in Graz with concerts from 5pm to midnight. One of them is “Time of the Wolf” at 7:30pm in Saal Steiermark of Congress Graz, performed by the choir “Philomela” from Finland. Their invitation promises a completely new concert experience:

“Time of the Wolf is a young girls’ dramatic growth story, based on Finland’s national epic Kalevala. During the 2000′s it has become Philomela’s calling card with more than 100 performances presented for audiences home and abroad.

Philomela’s Time of the Wolf is a visual and emotionally charged performance that begins already before the audience enters the room.

Philomela invites You to live Time of the Wolf with us. We promise to give 100 % of our energy and emotions. You get to sit still and let the story in.”

Please find more info about the program of the Long Night of Choirs here.

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