Sounds from the Middle Kingdom

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The Sang Mu Choir of Fuzhou No.1 High School (Photo: INTERKULTUR)

Yesterday there was the Long Night of Choirs in Graz featuring choral music from 5pm to midnight.

There was a Concert in the Dark, a concert of Baclacovs Misa Tango and in the Minoritensall in Graz songs from the Middle Kingdom were sounding through the open windows of the concert hall. Three choirs from China had come to the Gala Concert “Chinese evening” to bring their music to the Austrian people. INTERKULTUR President G√ľnter Titsch and Wang Qin, Director INTERKULTUR China were the special guests in this concert, which was moderated in German and Chinese.

The choirs on stage were Shanghai Committee Gold Apple Choir, The Sang Mu Choir of Fuzhou No.1 High School and the Chorus of Beijing No. 8 Middle School. Especially the second choir performing enchanted the audience with a great choreography and traditional Chinese instruments.

Today the last competitions in this 1st European Choir Games are running, tomorrow there will be the Grand Prize Competition for the Styria Prize, the second Awards Ceremony followed by the Closing Concert, the famous Choir Parade and an official farewell on the Hauptplatz. Let’s do the final spurt together!

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