Toruń 2013: About competitions, packed halls and flying saucers

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Today it’s the second competition day already, and it’s all running smoothly so far. The choirs nearly sing to a full house and the visitors are highly interested in the competition. After yesterday’s performances additional chairs had to be got, because otherwise some people would have not find a seat at the following Friendship Concert. Actually this is a problem nice to have which we’re happy to solve.

Special darlings of the audience are, of course, the choirs from Mexico and the Republic of Korea. The Koreans quite cause a stir with their TV team which brought a flashing round camera to fly above the choir almost the whole time and to shoot pictures from the air looking like a flying saucer. There has not been an UFO alarm so far, but we’re expecting it every minute…

This evening all choirs will have got the competition over with. Tomorrow morning the best of them are singing for the Copernicus Grand Prize. The choirs that have qualified are:

Kammerkoret Musica, Denmark

Cartusia, Poland

“Gioia di Cantare”, Poland

Cantabile, Poland

Fermata Chamber Choir, Poland

Ondrášek Czech Choir, Czech Republic

PS: Take a look at the photos from the event on our Facebook page.


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