APCG 2013: Welcome to the Champions Competition!

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Eben Haezar Christian Senior High School Choir (Photo: INTERKULTUR)

Eben Haezar Christian Senior High School Choir (Photo: INTERKULTUR)

Goosebumps at the Awards Ceremony for the Local Open Competition. The choirs from North Sulawesi that competed during the last days learned their results today and if they qualified for the Champions Competition of the Asia Pacific Choir Games 2013.

Eben Haezar Christian Senior HIgh School Choir went crazy when they heard to have qualified in even two categories (Mixed Youth Choirs and Gospel & Spiritual). Their cheers were deafening and gave shivers to everybody sitting in the audience. It was amazing!

62 choirs competed in the Local Open Competition, 29 of them have been awarded a Golden Diploma and are thus qualified for the Champions Competition:

Cat. 1 – Children’s Choirs
Gema Sangkakala Children Choir (conducted by Roland Enoch)
Vox Angelica Children’s Choir (conducted by Yannade Dubairi Pratasik)

Cat. 3 – Mixed Youth Choirs
Eben Haezar Christian Senior High School Choir (conducted by Stief Jackson Pangemanan)
Bethesda Junior Choir (conducted by Michael Dumais)
Sojourner Chorale (conducted by Chery Wowor & Jandri Rompas)
Nine’s Voices SMA N 9 Binsus Manado (conducted by Heskiel Manutty & Fricilia Rumajar)

Cat. 4 – Mixed Chamber Choirs
Miracle Choir Manado (conducted by Alexander Parengkuan)
Romamti – Ezer Motet (conducted by Wilson Renaldo Pongoh)

Cat. 5 – Mixed Choirs
Maranatha Paslaten Youth Choir (conducted by Swingly Sondak)
Zionist Choir Manado (conducted by Jimmry Kalantow)
Imanuel Chorale (conducted by Weinfry Tumbuan)
Manado Poltekkes Choir (conducted by Fricilia Rumajar)

Cat. 6 – Female Chamber Choirs
The Master of Breakthrough Girls Choir (conducted by Swingly Sondak)

Cat. 7 – Female Choirs
Vox Angelica Female Choir (conducted by Hermantika Sinapa)

Cat. 8 – Male Chamber Choirs
Sojourner Male Chamber Choir (conducted by Heskiel Manutty)

Cat. 9 – Male Choirs
Abraham Sario Sentra Choir (conducted by Franky Montolalu)
GMIM Lahai-Roi Manado Male Choir (conducted by Samuel Poeloe)

Cat. 10 – Music of the Religions
UNKLAB Ambassador Choir (conducted by Age Wullur)
Sola Gratia Youth Choir (conducted by Morison Manumpil)
Solagratia Kaiwatu Male Choir (conducted by Maichel R. Wangengetan)
Baitani Matani Choir (conducted by Hendry Nelwan)
Manado City Chorale (conducted by Samuel Poeloe & Alexander Parengkuan)

Cat. 12 – Pop & Jazz
JB Choir (conducted by Jaris Banua)

Cat. 13 – Gospel & Spiritual
PSM UNIMA Rangga (conducted by Aristo Kulas)
Getsemani Sakobar Choir (conducted by Joy Korah & Marcella Waani)
Eben Haezar Christian Senior High School Choir (conducted by Stief Jackson Pangemanan)
Solafide Tinoor Choir (conducted by Cherzie Lasut)
Exodus Youth Choir (conducted by Steven R. Mait)
Missio Dei Chorale (conducted by Oktovilla Ksatria Israel Bawotong)

You can find a list of all results including all choirs and their achieved score on the INTERKULTUR website.

Tonight the Asia Pacific Choir Games continue with the official Opening Ceremony, tomorrow the second part of the competitions with Indonesian Open and Champions Competition will start. We wish good luck to all competing choirs, and especially to those who qualified for the second part just today!

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