WCG Insight: ECOC has been opened!

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Jelena & Jana ready to join the opening ceremonies (Photo: INTERKULTUR)

Jelena & Jana ready to join the opening ceremonies (Photo: INTERKULTUR)

Last Friday, at freezing temperatures of -10 °C the start of the ECOC (European Capital of Culture) was celebrated in Riga.

In the morning we had checked the last documents and scores of Latvian choirs, and then my Latvian colleague Jana and I used the last hours before the start of the ceremonies to get dressed up for the occasion: Following the premiere of Richard Wagner’s “Rienzi” in the Latvian National Opera we were invited to a reception with the Latvian President.

On Saturday the opening ceremonies went on. I was mostly looking forward to the concert “Riga trough centuries and cultures” in the evening in the Arena Riga, because in July we’re going to celebrate the opening and the closing of the World Choir Games here together.

After this concert I can tell you that this venue is absolutely fantastic! It’s perfectly convenient to present a huge program in front of thousands of spectators, and thus, it’s the right place for our World Choir Games. I hope we’ll see in July!


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