First rehearsals for the Mežaparks concert

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Rehearsing for Mezaparks (Photo: INTERKULTUR)

Rehearsing for Mežaparks (Photo: INTERKULTUR)

By Jana Kalnina, Latvia

The World Choir Games come closer! Since the middle of January, Latvian choirs have met in regional rehearsals to get prepared for the singing together with choirs from all over the world on the huge Mežaparks open-air stage on July 13.

On Thursday, January 23, the first joint rehearsal with more than 10 choirs from Riga took place in the building of Riga Technical University hall with approximately 500 participants.

Each choir will have at least two rehearsals before July 13, so every week somewhere in Latvia people come together and sing “My song”, “Saule, Pērkons, Daugava” and other masterpieces.

I had a great possibility to join the choirs during their first rehearsal last week. After warming up the voice under lead of conductor Gints Ceplenieks, each voice group had a one hour separate rehearsal, and after that everybody met again for singing out almost every song from the program. Although most of the songs are well known for Latvian choirs, the work on details began already at the first rehearsal.

Latvian singers are really excited about the upcoming concert in Mežaparks , because it will be a great possibility to share the amazing feeling of common singing on the huge Mežaparks stage with people from all over the world. It will be the biggest number of singers this stage has ever hosted!

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