WCG Insight: Evaluation Performances

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André J. Thomas (USA), Zimfira Poloz (Canada)

Zimfira Poloz and André J. Thomas giving some suggestions to Coro Infantil Y Juvenil Sinfónico from Mexico

At the Riga Congress Center two choirs and the jury met for evaluation performances. After a stage rehearsal of 15 minutes the choirs Coro Infantil Y Juvenil Sinfónico from Mexico and Pietermaritzburg Children’s Choir from South Africa performed their competition program in front of the Jury composed of André J. Thomas (USA), Zimfira Poloz (Canada) and Aharon Harlap (Israel). All of them were charmed by the cute children choirs and their great work.

The jury members gave some suggestions to the choirs and the conductors and they rehearsed some parts of the performed pieces. They really went out of their way to keep the nervous children happy and they did a got job! They kept them smiling and laughing the whole rehearsal and at the same time taught them some new technics to make their performance even better than it already was.

With all the given advices both choirs are well prepared for the upcoming competitions.

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